Tuesday, January 3, 2012

facades & fingertips

facades & fingertips

“to be that self which one truly is”
Soren Kiekegaard

take off
your make-up
& your clothes

& please come
to me—

i’ll trace you
all of you
with my fingertips—

(this is much more
than a sexual request)

the tiny red dot
on the bridge
of your nose—

the spider veins
& scars & bruises
over your legs—your legs—

show them to me—
reveal them all to me—
give your Self to me—

give yourself to me—

            because—it is you—
            i am here for—
            my eyes hungry—
                        these flaws of you—

            i swear—i shout—
            it is you—these layers of you—
            i am here for—

turn around—
spin around—
roll over me—
            over&over me—

here—i am looking—
looking for you—
reaching for you—
searching for the me of me—

            inside of you—
            my eyes closed—


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