Saturday, January 12, 2013

unable (the day rose)

unable (the day rose)

“He spreads wide my right eye with his fingers and pushes the knife into my eyeball….He does the same with my left eye….‘But as long as you bear this sign, you must beware of light.’”
The Gatekeeper and the Dreamreader in Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the WorldHaruki Murakami

“So as not to see you see me react”

the day rose
with sunshine so bright
no one could open their eyes

we raised our arms
against the blinding glare
of this new shocking day

forced as we were underground
to nighttime lives like vampires
feasting on dreams dark as blood

none of this happened of course
but came it did to me in a vision

just before i read the scene
of the Gatekeeper blinding

the Dreamreader taking daylight
from him and giving him dreams

this is not about suddenly too-bright sunshine
or visions anticipating a novel not yet read

this is not allegory or fantasy or science fiction
where readers of dreams are rendered blind

this is about me no longer able to see you see me
leaving me unable to look myself in the eyes

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