Monday, January 7, 2013

Anomaly (imagined child)

Anomaly (imagined child)

Anomaly as his imagined child
allowed Tarame hours sitting in the sun
watching and listening to the ceaseless tide

contemplating this young woman of him
and all that was female for him in this world
as he faced his life completely solitary.

Tarame knew he had accomplished
one real and clear thing in his half century—
failing women who had claimed his heart,

but what was a man to do with failure
and a heart gripped tight by squandered love lost
while the ocean sang and the sun always shined?

Alone Tarame could imagine a daughter
unlike him and unlike anyone else,

but he could not even fathom a lover,
his soulmate sitting there beside him.

In the space of his imagination was nothing
except the hollowness he knew as longing

and the animated voice and laughter
he believed rose from Anomaly’s throat.

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