Thursday, October 11, 2012

sirens, faerie tales, & all of my trippings (howl)

sirens, faerie tales, & all of my trippings (howl)

"Did I drive you away?
...But I won't let you down,
(Oh yeah, yeah, yes I will)
"Sparks," Coldplay


slumbering labs
one black one brown
cannot resist sirens

just like us
everything else falls away
no rocks no hard places

these dogs howl
raising a chorus against
new emergencies


some call me a non-believer
but i pray in secret ceaselessly

like Franny in her world of Glass

self-serving and sincere as blood
crying out in my mind for the faeries

to steal their way to your side
circling round chanting dancing

rousing you from sleep and dreams
reminding you of every every thing

some call me a non-believer
because that is easier than the truth

my bones howl always for you


you’ll come looking for me again
(no you won’t but a man needs faerie tales)

and everything will look nearly the same
except for the decay abandonment brings

you will be frantic and earnest and true
like arrows raining down shouts of fire

and i will be well below ground tripped
fallen deep into the hole i dug all along

we could add a soundtrack and slow motion
for others to watch as if this were just a film

and i wonder

i wonder if the howling of all those hearts
would rouse every dog to its feet to sing along


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