Tuesday, June 4, 2013

somebody’s somebody who matters (the art of wanting)

somebody’s somebody who matters (the art of wanting)

by the time she returned to him
it may have already been too late she feared

before she looked him in the eyes again
she noticed his iPod was filled with only two songs

Sinead O’Connor and Dido singing over and over

of all the humans on the planet
Yen To Dollar had perfected the art of wanting

but held her gift (or curse) at bay
nearly every moment of her life until him

when she discovered in him the wanting
like her to be somebody’s somebody who matters

abyss” was a word she heard in a movie
and then read in a novel just minutes later

these synchronicities and intersections
that weaved a cat’s cradle of want in her hands

a dream catcher for the echoes of the universe
these wantings of somebody seeking somebody

she had dreamed of him before ever meeting him
and in that dream he was an astronaut cut free

like a scene from 2001 surrounded by roaring silence
drifting away from her mind’s eye like a plastic doll

could he be bringing me back to him with his wanting?
she asked herself sensing him in the room where she stood

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