Friday, August 23, 2013



the first time was the worst
she turned her shoulder to him
too tired from being too busy

a brick

he learned brick by brick
not to offer his hand in affection
turning longing to asking to begging

if she in anger had thrown real bricks
leaving him battered and bloodied on the floor
his heart would have survived that din of fury

but not indifference stacked against his desire
not the absence of him in all the flurry of her
everything and anything else except next to him

brick upon brick upon brick

and both then over time fell to masonry
building their separate walls of business

walls so tall and wide they found themselves
all alone each in a world of her and his creation

walls of business
rooms of loneliness
lives of resentment

brick by brick by brick

mortaring off the only thing that matters
their warm intimacy offered one to one

shared freely and often saying wordlessly
you are and i am and thus we shall always be

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