Wednesday, December 10, 2014

They killed Gwen Stacy in the film too

They killed Gwen Stacy in the film too

Everything I love is on the table.
Everything I love is out to sea.

I was a television version of a person with a broken heart
“Pink Rabbits,” The National

Why did you have to be blonde and beautiful,
pale stereotype of what a woman should be?

And why, O, why did you love her, Peter?
This nerd-love for the unattainable girl?

Peter, O, Peter, with great power and all that…

Pimply and scrawny, I guess, we hide in bedrooms
with Marilyn Monroe posters on our silent walls.

But good people, beautiful people never really die
in three-color comic books or technicolor Hollywood films.

O, Gwen, why did they take you from all of us,
betray us like our mirrors every single morning?

Forty years apart, I cry at your lifeless twisted pose
frail boy comic in hand, middle-aged man on the couch.

Spider-Man or Elephant Man—hearts are bound to love
and no superpower can ever defeat the space of you gone.

O, Gwen, why did you have to die?

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