Wednesday, July 13, 2011

avalanche (of antique books & fear)

avalanche (of antique books & fear)


i dreamed of antique books
book jackets & spine conditions

i ran my finger beneath the book collector's
comments about the quality of each book

& my bones returned to you

& handed to me in cold darkness
as you told me about your brother

keeping your childhood home immaculate
polishing the wooden floors into mirrors. . .

i carried you on my lips & inhaled
reaching to hold but never letting go


i am afraid
of avalanches

but that isn't true

i am afraid
of the possibility of avalanches

but that isn't true either

i am afraid
of causing an avalanche

that possibility

not of being buried
under the sliding snow

(that i would deserve)

but for all the innocent
villagers who never saw it coming

my avalanche sparked by saying it
loud enough to move banks of snow

spoken shouted cheered
because the truth can often be like that

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