Friday, March 21, 2014

the death of us (redux)

the death of us (redux)

“You are reporting what?”
the officer stood in their living room

“The death of us”
they said in unison like a chorus

“But you’re standing right here…”
the officer held out his hand for emphasis

“Not us the people, us, you know, us
the wife said sweeping her hands over her head

there was nothing else they could do
so the forensics team inspected their home

“I think we have found the culprits”
a detective said tapping a notepad in his hand

“The empty toilet paper roll in the holder”
the detective kept tapping the notepad

“The passive-aggressive laundry”
the detective gestured to the folded clothes

“Happens all the time, I’d say, almost always”
the detective shook his head and looked away

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