Thursday, February 2, 2012



I like your hands
All full of glory...
"Low," R.E.M., Out of Time

the doctors had never had this request
an autopsy while he still lived

but the results were even more unusual
since he himself had to explain

that the trace minerals they discovered
were the remnants of always her

“Please excuse this,” the doctors began,
but may we ask…”

“Yes,” he said, knowing this was coming,
this prodding to examine.

“What is this here?” they began.

“The day she asked if we could still kiss
although I had a cold.”

“And here?”

“The pale blonde hair on the back of her neck
and tracing her stomach.”


He winced against this and then:
“Her ankle bone in the circle of my hand.”

“And if you could, here?”

“Her laughter, yes, I mean,” he paused,
her laughing.”


and this was the autopsy for hours
this tracing always her and the gone

"And here?"

"She is wearing a swim suit top and wrap—"

he paused, "and carrying her bag."

"She is walking to the beach to read," and he smiled.

"You mean she was?"

"No," he said, his eyes far away,

"she is."

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