Tuesday, January 3, 2012

living the hour over (fearless)

living the hour over (fearless)

the arrogance of humans
marking off time
seconds minutes hours days weeks years

as if we are in control

then twice a year
we shift our own system
to serve us more light

springing forward and then falling back
simply to spring and fall again. . .

what would you allow me
in this lived-over hour

i cannot ask for the world
but i am a man dreaming of second chances. . .

we wait until 2 am
and turn the world back to 1

1 the number of starting
the number of starting over

we slip beneath the covers
spoons beneath an unknowing moon

and i wonder if you can feel me come alive
again against the curve of you

so tell me something fearless
while we lie here together

i'm afraid
i don’t know

how a fretless voice sounds

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