Wednesday, July 13, 2011

heirloom, token, talisman (peace is an object given)

heirloom, token, talisman (peace is an object given)


it was not by luck or fate or chance
this blanket once her grandmother's
passed to her by her mother with love

to curl beneath each solitary night
after she switched on three lamps
to mark the apartment for sleep


these objects of her hands
he placed around his office
this triangle of things made

a bowl splashed in green and copper
a tree sketched and framed
a green origami box folded


conjuring words is craft
but not like conjuring objects

cutting cloth and sewing a blanket
for comfort and sleep and decoration

turning clay and firing a kiln
to fix a bowl as object and art

and saying peace is not peace


to the blanket and lamps (talismans)
she added a rug with large flowers

she said for special occasions
like warding off aliens and zombies

but sparking in him the ever-longing
to lie there with her throughout a night


hide me she had asked reminding him
although his mind had longed to conjure her

not bury her beneath deceit and pretense
as if she no longer mattered no longer existed

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