Thursday, December 18, 2014

imagination&recollection (i come to tell you everything)

imagination&recollection (i come to tell you everything)

I tell you miserable things after you are asleep
“Conversation 16,” The National

 …the loss of the moments of shared intimacy….The prospect of losing that made him saddest of all.
“Scheherazade,” Haruki Murakami

i come to you in your sleep
you do not know i am there
you may not even want me here

it is dark & you lie under covers
except your bare left foot exposed
i imagine you in t-shirt & panties

i recreate until my eyes adjust
so i can watch the soft rise&fall
most wonderful you breathing

with daughter & granddaughter
an act of solemn & selfish love
i have done this often in silence

i am not here to relish watching you
i am here to tell you everything
even more than love all that i fear

with you imagination&recollection
are impossible for me to separate
i have confessions bound by darkness

i could more easily hand you my bones
than lie to you or admit the naked truth
so i come to tell you everything instead

how many nights may i take from you
recognizing i deserve none of them
i begin certain my stories will never end

i could spend every night watching
you sleep & hoping i am welcome
in the dreams that warm your heart…

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