Thursday, June 7, 2012

our rare sober day (uncanny)

our rare sober day (uncanny)

it was a day of rare sobriety
when these things happened
when we flung ourselves in

so no one can blame the usual
inebriation we swim in freely
against the animosity of clarity

we woke embracing the next day
rising from intermingled dreams
smelling of sweaty sex&laughter

how could we have known such
innervating lucidity like a clock
measuring us through day&night

we lie still in bed unwilling to peel
ourselves apart as if to pause today
drifting through dreams to memory

in time we know our pictographs
covering our sacred bodies&walls
will fade slower than recollection

today&tomorrow we’ll have to watch
uncanny faces of those lost&unaware
of our rare sober day lacing us together

do you think the snake at our door came
for the chameleon living under the rug
you ask with your face against my ribs

let’s not do coffee or a shower for now
and i’d like to think it did like me for you
i say inhaling you before opening my eyes

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