Tuesday, February 18, 2014

you have asked me why i walk so fast

you have asked me why i walk so fast

You better save yourself
From something you can't see
Follow it where it goes
Follow it back to me
“Don’t Let It Go,” Beck, Morning Phase

you have asked me why i walk so fast

this is the story of the real me chasing always
the me i want to be for you

i know the real me there only a step or two behind
a shadow darker than a black hole

the real me cannot enjoy even a single moment
and has never known peace or quiet

but he believes those possibilities exist somewhere
so he too is relentless anxious and swift

you have known us both of course

the real me incessantly in manic pursuit
the frantic me trying to put on a happy face

in the end
you were better

than us both

cut to the quick
able to save yourself

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