Tuesday, January 3, 2012

no one teaches us

no one teaches us

no one teaches us
to love

it doesn’t happen to us
it happens in us

it is a tripping and stumbling
this falling in love

and when it is true
it is also deep

and this falling
lasts forever

some people scoff
saying it is just pheromones

as if the chemicals of us
must be less than our decisions

(so if i did not chose to love you
that means less than this TV i chose?)

and no one teaches us
to breath in and out

and no one teaches us
to pull our hands from a flame

“no one ever teaches us
anything worth knowing or doing”

this is what he told his students

“i could make you do many things
by force of harm or prize”

his heart was gone by then

“but this is what people will do
telling you right and wrong”

his body had given it away to her

“as if anyone could know
what to teach another”

it was hard to talk always falling

“no one teaches us to love
it happens in us like a dream”

he held on to things breathing deeply

sometimes when he was talking
(people still called it teaching)

he stood with one hand
clutching something nearby

the other raised slightly
fingers opened and palm up

at night he slept and dreamed
holding on to the headboard

because no one teaches us
to fall into our dreams either

then what does a teacher do
who no longer believes in teaching

then what does a lover do
who has lost the one he loves

then what does a human do
too far below the surface

then what does a person do
with everything engulfed in flames

no one teaches us
to reach for the hand that matters

“what other conclusion could any of us


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