Sunday, June 30, 2013

balloon (too light for this world)

balloon (too light for this world)

it was the most vivid dream Tarame had ever experienced
and even more so each time it came back to him in thought

there was a girl or young woman
maybe both simultaneously

he wanted to call her Yen To Dollar
but knew that was no name

it was her hand that was most clear to him
like a slow-motion close up in a film

her hand like a smooth granite carving
so beautiful he could not breath

her fingernails were painted dark blue
so dark they were nearly black

she held briefly in her hand a balloon
so dark blue it too seemed black

then the balloon slipped free of her fingers
its white ribbon-tail waving good-bye

looking away from her hand to the balloon
he could breath again but this drifting

away forever and forever left him weightless
in a way that he could not put into words

until on the third day of remembering the balloon dream
he recognized two things that stabbed his heart

the balloon was Tarame and she had let go on purpose

sitting alone looking across the beach
darkness closing over the ocean
Tarame wondered to himself

what was a balloon and ribbon without a hand?
what was a balloon and ribbon without her hand?

so he tried to hold on to the dream like an anchor
knowing in the end that he was too light for this world

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