Sunday, August 12, 2012

upon watching The Matrix 13 years late (Nerd Rules)

upon watching The Matrix 13 years late (Nerd Rules)

i am just more than half a century
into the American Dream
and i know these to be true:

(a) high school bullies and college frat boys always win
(b) the Mythmakers create the Myths that make them real

and you don’t, and not you, and not you
no matter if you play by the rules
no matter how hard you try

Charlatans beget Charlatans beget Charlatans
and they eat the rest for breakfast
wiping their mouths with $100 bills

and thus we have only one recourse
Science Fiction

the Nerds build imaginary Other Worlds
where high school bullies and frat boys lose
to the Chosen One (the Alpha-Nerd)

and so i am carried into the second half
of my mortal century by these Other Worlds
having just learned the Nerd Rules from The Matrix[1]:

Nerd Rule

The Game is not about being the Chosen One
it is about being the One She chooses to Love

Nerd Rule Reloaded

when She finally chooses you to be the One
you’ll probably be dead as She kisses you

Nerd Rule Revolutions

i reach into the mirror to the Other World
holding out my hand for You (Only You)
because the Chosen One believes in Coyotes

[1] we’ll never be as pretty as Keanu Reeves however

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