Wednesday, July 13, 2011

rewriting hansel & gretel (satiate)

rewriting hansel & gretel (satiate)

forest is a metaphor
where evil lives & lurks

they say

but i followed your bread crumbs
to the foot of your life

one day

and yes it was dark & deep
but no birds had cleared this path

no pigeon

although the whiteness of you
could have lured a hundred ships

onto land

will you consume me now
to rebuild your crumbling life?

will wolves gather to watch
as you stoke your stove with my desire?

will treading water in this pot
matter against the boiling point of it all?

are souls substantial feasts
in the canopy of trees & shade?

o, please, share with me
what will this faerie tell?

(the legend goes they say she ate
until the sheen returned to her skin like satin)

grim questions
scattered like pebbles
do not feed birds
like bread crumbs

while my quiet desperation
keeps singing in my ears
with my head always held
just above the water

photographs of trees
cannot haunt me

like wind through leaves
& shadows across my face

as i kneel at the foot of your life
my lips frosted with bread crumbs

my ears gently humming & me
treading treading across sacred ground

looking down at the crown of my head
you lift a foot & place it on my shoulder

this, yes, this is the beginning of fable
knighted as i am by the curve of your sole

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