Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hunting Island, SC (wilderness)

Hunting Island, SC (wilderness)

they found a spot to lie together fully them
where wilderness held hands with wilderness

the ocean caressing encroaching and receding
over sand and driftwood to tease the forest

this beach was not the beach of his childhood
sand hauled and shaped to lie beneath a ring of motels

this beach was the beach of her soul and seeking peace
the shifting color of her eyes
her skin dampening before his gaze

wilderness is not a thing to tame and souls are meant to be lost
he came to know this like breathing
watching the down of her skin

this island named “Hunting” was a place of the found
the gathering the cherished and the truth of being sidebyside

their afternoon was marked by waves patiently pulling away
and shifting shadows of the forest hiding that world around them

nothing spoken could eclipse the heat and light of time
clutched by the sun arcing across the sky smiling like god

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