Saturday, June 2, 2012

powder, frosting, & slices of lime

powder, frosting, & slices of lime

Our hands are covered in cake
But I swear we didn't have any
"The Geese of Beverly Road," The National

for five days from May Day until Cinco de Mayo
we ate red velvet cake with dark chocolate frosting
drank grande Mexican cervezas with slices of lime

when we leaned close in the corner alone kissing
the cake & frosting & cerveza could not mask
the unmistakable dessert of your lips against mine


i ask you
to slip off your clothes
lie on the bed

i take powder
coat my palms
to draw on your skin

dusty figures
prints of my hands
tattooing your back

i press my lips
to your tan line where
my art disappears

before turning your face
to mine & touching dry lips
to yours tinted with lime & beer

and then

we will curl together
like nude powdered donuts
watch The American

because the actors are beautiful
& Italy is beautiful
the story is bittersweet

like powder, frosting, & slices of lime

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