Tuesday, January 3, 2012

these metronomes

these metronomes

these metronomes
of hair and hips

like beatings hearts
and the mindlessness of breathing

you there
walking or jogging

and twisting my heart
taking my breath away

these metronomes
calling out to my bones

are there marching orders
for the springtime. . .

like clouds of pollen swarming
and trees swayed by warming wind. . .

like sleeveless shirts
and pants o so short. . .

like a sound track to the cycles
and dances of crisscrossing our planet. . .

i am left tapping out the rhythm
of my hands reaching for the swaying

curves of you waving waving to me

shoulder into arm ringed in tattoo. . .
where your thumb and finger meet. . .
the tightening of skin over ankle bone. . .

tick-tock hair
tick-tock hips
tick-tock steps

these metronomes
driving me to songs of longing

can you hear my fingertips calling you
playing air piano and drum calling

silent whisperings
these metronomes

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