Wednesday, July 13, 2011

tarot cards & tea leaves

tarot cards & tea leaves

i can tell you
from seventy-eight cards
& the harp in the center of my cup
this salted future

cured for the present
& all that’s past

look out there
mountains faded before you
above the gray horizon

how far can you see
what i mean?

close your eyes
taste the times
our lips met
hold the times
our finger tips. . .

remember i could
smell you walk
into any room

now i can’t hear anything
on my right side
except the wisp & whispers
of all the things
you’ve said to me

i can tell you
this salted future

anything & everything
dealt & divined
drawn from these tattoos
across my bones

& no one
can tell anyone
who i am
except you


these tattoos across my bones
these tarot cards and tea leaves

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