Tuesday, January 3, 2012

in the middle of a full-moon summer night

in the middle of a full-moon summer night

“That’s my heart yonder, he told the horse. It always was.”
No Country for Old Men, Cormac McCarthy

you woke up under the weight of me
watching you sleep hoping you would wake
without my nudging you or saying your name

you stretched and clenched your eyes tight
sighing through a half-grin What?
and slipping your leg under the sheet against me

Let’s go for a walk. It’s a full moon and cool
i said this to you and felt my body tense excited
and you froze your stretch and opened your eyes

Give me a second was all you said into the darkness
striped by moonlight coming through the blinds
then before sitting up What time is it any way?

and soon we were outside in a full white moon
It’s cool for summer tonight you said there beside me
Let’s take off our shoes, walk barefoot I said looking up

we lay our shoes abandoned at the side of the road
We’ll come back by, they’ll be fine here and we walked
under a celestial spotlight no other word between us

and then i felt you even closer as your hand slipped into mine
holding me down to earth and thinking of returning home
where I would wash your feet before slipping back to bed

walkers of a moonlit summer night cooler than most
spooning through the edge of night into morning’s rising sun
with the tops of my feet pressed up against the soles of yours

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