Monday, July 30, 2012

artifacts (redux)

artifacts (redux)

recollection memory dream drawn from
the everyday motion of artifacts

as a boy and teenager
he was drawn to things he could collect

organize and save and treasure
object by object as each thing became his

this was not about possession
but a fortress against temporal human frailty

in the dream like the evening before watching a film
he cried spontaneously and deeply

the film:
a father turned to his daughter in the backseat of the car
and she said, “I love you, Daddy”

the dream:
he lay in bed reading when his daughter walked in
smiling, hugging him, and saying, “I love you”

maybe a film but not tears or a dream
he could hold on to—collect and preserve

he began listening to a CD she made for him
not because he liked the music or the group

but the artifact had her handwriting
across the thing itself from a moment

he had been in her mind heart and hand
like a coyote in silhouette howling its longing

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