Thursday, May 10, 2012

the everyday motion of artifacts

the everyday motion of artifacts

someone walks into the closet
behind me

there in the dark quiet corner

we are aware of each other
shoes and clothes

and it may be only in closets
where we can be together and alone

lightening horizontal and silent
the night after a supermoon

watching a lover dress after showering
just her disappearing piece by piece

folding a daughter’s clothes delicate
and warm from the tumbling dryer

her handwriting across an envelope
and inside the card those initials

recollection memory dream drawn from
the everyday motion of artifacts

i am wrapped inside every moment of this
and drawn to antiseptic sunshine against skin

but there is a perfection to inadequacy and failing
that promises nothing and worships everything

like a book out of place on a bookshelf arranged
as if finding were something meant to be a system

as if burden were a magician’s slight of hand
hers slipped into mine in a dark closet among clothes

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