Wednesday, July 13, 2011

no other (snowflakes and ashes) pt. 1

no other (snowflakes and ashes) pt. 1

Rheya Kelvin: Were you alone?
Chris Kelvin: Yes.
Rheya Kelvin: Was that difficult?
Chris Kelvin: It was easier than being with someone else.

Though lovers be lost love shall not;
And death shall have no dominion.

when one wants a hand taken
and the other takes that hand

one in the other slowly softly
fingers slipped between fingers

there is no other

no other like the one
who takes hand in hand

smiling side by side
for only this only this

and no other

he often couldn’t tell
snowflakes from falling ashes

and then he knew love

because the smallest gesture of hers
felt the same as her giving herself fully

the center of him rising like the sun
crystalline across the snowscape

her anger divided him from himself
left him looking into a cold flat mirror

separating snowflakes from ashes
falling down from the fire he lit and fanned

the failure of not letting her know this—
every and anything of her was always enough

this a garden built of her by her
a life lived by the sea and sand

an island gradually blanketed in ash
from forest fires smoldering beyond

like the thing he failed to offer
beneath the fear that anchored him

she would have no more of ashes
with saltwater and sun right there

he did not want to choose
between forgiveness

and her hand slipped
slipped slowly and softly
fingers slipped between fingers
hers into his
smiling side by side

there is no other
this was always always enough

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