Wednesday, July 13, 2011

heart surgeons, astronauts & new lovers

heart surgeons, astronauts & new lovers

"Up front I tell you it is only an appreciation of two people who are doing something
both dangerous and necessary. Like heart surgeons, astronauts, like new lovers."
—Introduction (Jonathan Carroll, 1992), Signal to Noise (Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean)


it is no delicate thing
to open a chest

through breastbone
to reach a failing heart

to take that living pulse
in your hands. . .


like moving toward the capsule
in a suit that gives you life

and leaves you clumsy
as a clown climbing stairs

because you trust the thrust
of rocketships. . .


though not as much as the gravity
of everything you see in her

whose eyes and voice
twist your heart

and send your mind
soaring skyward. . .

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