Tuesday, June 26, 2012

delicious (just deserts)

delicious (just deserts)

humans are delicious

and quite likely
too much for each other

and never never enough

to taste and smell and feel
the one you love just to love

yes these fleeting desserts
consume humans everyone

he traces her name
and his feral love
on his headboard
each night with his finger

these prayers as mantras
before slipping into sleep
where his dreams conjure her
like cotton candy or ice cream

delight in the night
where darkness blankets
the solitude of sleep
that serves and reserves
memory like loaves and fishes

completely lost in her moment of bliss
she smelled something wonderful sweet

and her mind (she realized without thinking)
had turned to the pages of him warming

inside her like moments before an avalanche
or the sounds humans hear after the collapse

this is what humans deserve
baked in the oven heat
of their desire laced with love

welding these powdered confections
they line the ledges with all the moments

that leave their hearts in shards
and hands weighted with frosting

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