Wednesday, July 11, 2012

frail (drop of blood in a glass of red wine)

frail (drop of blood in a glass of red wine)

Let me come over, I can waste your time, I'm bored
Invite me to the war every night of the summer
And we'll play G.I. Blood, G.I. Blood

i am frail and so are you
we have lived egg-shell lives us two
mostly separate but never apart

even before we met
and during our silences
when you shut the door between us

all whispers closets and tip-toeing
sock-footed over carpet
so no one would know

i am a drop of blood
in every glass of wine you drink

you are the slice of lime
in the beers i cherish like water

i drive alone some mornings
listening to songs that make me cry

writing these poems to you
about you and for you

my sheep among the laurels
that i cannot tend in my frailty

on one of our secret days
we walked naked
through your childhood home

and then stood at a counter
to look through a family album
side by side unknown to anyone

i am worth it and so are you
hand in hand and naked
in the sunlight where everyone can see

shouting and doors wide open
walking without fear or hesitation
to the us i will not let disappear

like a drop of blood in a glass of red wine

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