Wednesday, November 13, 2013

child of my child (exponential love)

child of my child (exponential love)

Here I am here I am in your life
It's a beautiful life
My life
It's a beautiful life
Your life
Hairshirt,” Green, R.E.M.

child of my child
not yet here among us

we have not made this world
as we should have as we could have

you will be among us though
in a world a beautiful possibility still

a world a beautiful possibility still
just as you are and will always be

when you arrive we will all hold hands
reach for you and cry and smile and cry and smile

and then together we will all look skyward
because all above us is the limit the sky

the sky
the sky

nearly as wide and forever infinite
as the exponential love for you child of my child

13 November 2013

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