Thursday, March 28, 2013



i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

alone she sat in the passenger seat of the car
windows up and talking on her cell phone

to the one she loved with all her heart

she was glad to tears to hear his voice
she was sad to tears not to be against the curve of him

and she tried to send the aching of her heart
through the voice she also fought to hide the trembling

he (the one she loved with all her heart) was busy
on the other side of the phone miles and miles away

and his voice was all distraction and rush
everything except the longing she wanted to share

so she sat alone on the cell phone crying
silently behind the windows of a car for anyone to see

he walked out of the restaurant and saw her in the car

he did not know her
he did not know the other side of her phone call
he did not know why she was crying
he did not know what she was saying

but he knew that she was beautiful in her sadness
wordless to him a total stranger except for the shared longing

he knew somehow what was beneath the tears
and behind the windows of a car he did not know

and in that moment of knowing
he wanted to tap the window gently

meet her eyes briefly and clearly
before opening the door and leaning
close enough to slip his hand behind her neck

close enough to bring his face to hers
and kiss gently the tears across her face

and he also knew that this sudden need
to show this stranger he understood

stood pale and distant behind his longing
to run at that very moment until he reached

the one he loved now distant and lost to him
and say to her with his hand warm on hers

i know
i have always known before i knew you
i will always know

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