Thursday, May 17, 2012

these prepositions of love

these prepositions of love

and this i was asked
are you in love?

there at in i tripped
over that preposition

am i in love
like standing in a hurricane
tempest in a teacup

am i under love
like a man under water
a prisoner underfed

am i over love
like a man overboard
toes over a ledge

am i into love
like falling into her
she into me

am i against love
like a back against a wall
holding her against all odds

am i below love
like the true below the surface
hitting below the belt

am i above love
like the moon & stars above
my heart above the law

am i about love
like a bud about to bloom
a man about to cry

these prepositions of love
i do not know & cannot claim
because my bones & flesh
have committed to the verb of this

to make love

not like a mason or seamstress
not like a king or baker
not like a poet or singer

just me near you
to gather together

i am with love

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