Thursday, January 5, 2012

precious infidelity (bibliophilia)

precious infidelity (bibliophilia)

he fell in love for the first time
really fell deeply in love
in high school

(but this is not about girls
or women

with those love happened
much earlier and spontaneously

and has failed each time
or at least he has failed them)

this is falling in love with books
and it is the plural that is precious

he often reads two or three books at once
and he never has to hide his cell phone

or pretend he is reading only one book
and he carries them all together everywhere

this book holds his heart as others have and do
and there will be more and more and more

this orgy of unbridled reading and touching
each page where he underlines and highlights

this bibliophilia is absent jealousy or possession
although paper pales against bone muscle and skin

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