Monday, February 4, 2013

sadness (dark chocolate)

sadness (dark chocolate)

"Then I hugged her one more time, to etch her warmth indelibly into my brain."

sadness has a special sweetness
not in its occurrence
but as a state of being

i do not feel sad
nothing makes me sad
i am sad therefore i am

but inside that sadness
sits like a yolk in a shell
this moment of happiness

that otherwise would have been lost
inconsequential as rain or snow
and just as ephemeral

the last time i was happy
occurred nearly two years ago
but i know the moment

i know where i was sitting
i know what you asked of me
i know the week that followed

and all of it remains like you
dark chocolate on the tongue
of my memory and imagination

i whisper to myself alone
prayers and pleas and longings
for you my sadness and happiness

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