Monday, December 31, 2012

intimacy (men&women)

intimacy (men&women)

the things that matter most
fall through the gaps between
the universes of men&women



i am walking across this planet
concentrating on not floating away

to keep my feet touching earth
i imagine this plea from me to you

you lie on the couch and read a book
a book i have read and given you a copy

you rest your feet in my lap while you read
and i hold them bare in my hands eyes closed

and ride that moment on the couch with you
somewhere between dream and imagination

we each in our own separate worlds together
travelling through that book’s world together


for all the words i should have said and didn’t
for all the words i said and shouldn’t have
for all the things i should have done and didn’t
for all the things i did and shouldn’t have

in this corporeal existence in the time of not us

when i have no idea what to do or say ad infinitum

i buy you every book i read
building a library to you and for you

i read 1Q84 in hardback
yours is a collection of paperbacks
three in a box and still wrapped in plastic


i imagine a future
with your feet in my hands

you are reading 1Q84 book 2
we are silent on the couch

i am listening for everything
i failed to hear before and now

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