Wednesday, February 29, 2012

recollection (dreams blossom like a garden)

recollection (dreams blossom like a garden)

The dream of your trees and my dream
still flow together in the night…
“The Flow of Memories,” Jorge Luis Borges

yes my darling a dot
 on the fathometer is
tinkerbelle with her cough
"Knee Song," Anne Sexton

is writing recollection
or misdirection

in my dreams
with no Freudian eels
no Jungian Morlocks
no paintings stretching around the room

you transmogriphy
not like a mermaid off port
but a shapeshifter
among these women i have failed

these recollections from

eating greek yogurt laced with honey
walking down the aisles of grocery stores
listening to Marvin Gaye we never shared
finding an Anne Sexton poem in your hand

i am in a perpetual state of remembering
drafting and revising the pieces to this puzzle
that reassemble a map to all these places
like a memory called and recalled in a dream

in these words i recollect
i create
i correct
i misdirect

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