Friday, April 12, 2013

tears remain tears (time travel pt. 2)

tears remain tears (time travel pt. 2)

Do my crying underwater
I can’t get down any farther
All my drowning friends can see
Now there is no running from it
It’s become the crux of me
I wish that I could rise above it
“Demons,” The National

well before she could recognize it
but the way he came to understand

in those first days when they orbited
each other’s temporarily separate worlds

she would come to him & hook her hand
into his choosing him to follow her, to listen

this he came to long for in her absence
the briefest of connections merging planets

this initial gesture of love & anticipation
grew to hand holding embracing kissing

the inevitables of making love & slipping
into each other as if nothing else could matter

but soon followed the other sort of inevitable
the complacency of habit & forgetting the hook

tears remain tears
at the bottom of the pool

where no one can see
the sobbing & crying

the stoicism of holding your breath
the infinite solitude of water

long after she did recognize it
the way he fell back through time

she hooked her hand in his hand
reaching for him to follow, to listen

he shot to the surface to inhale
hurled back fourteen years to then

hooked & longing for it in her absence
& once again floating on it in her presence

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