Monday, August 13, 2012

inside you, inside me (flying, falling)

inside you, inside me (flying, falling)

I'm resigned to sail on through
In the wake of tales of you

If dreams are like movies then memories are films about ghosts
“Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby,” Counting Crows

do you dream of flying
or do you dream of falling

do you still dream of me inside you
as i dream of you always inside me

and when you wake from these
do you shake me from your head

like a drenched dog afraid of water
or do you cling to these hauntings

as i do when climbing out of sleep
with your voice in my mind’s ear

the unshakable sensation of close
hovering above having touched you

as if we were just inches apart
and not just imagination cinema

coming to people in dark and sleep
where flying and falling are the same

i have mastered the existential art
of treading wind against the undertow

although the rush of air blurs my vision
and i still can’t relax in these moments

unless i recall the smell of you there
lifting me like a spirit in the breeze

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