Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the intoxicating (and thus the war)

the intoxicating (and thus the war)

you drank three beers
and i had to continue across
the surface of this earth

as if i weren't thinking
about how your lips
must taste of beer and you

this intoxicating you
leaving me lost inside
the smell of you nearby

do the beers
leave you weak
in the knees and ankles

the way your
knees and ankles
leave me weak

as soon as i smell
you enter a room
turning to see. . .

and thus the war. . .

it is my body
longing and calling
for the intoxicating

to shut off the mind
or at least drown out
the thoughts fretting

over right and wrong
fair and unfair
what other people might think

just walking to you
taking you in my arms
and kissing you fully

and it is this argument
my body fights for
in the war with my mind:

nothing else truly matters
in the intoxicating momentum
of your flesh and blood and bone

if you and i were passing
and i slipped falling
reaching for you to save me

and my craving hand
clasped your soft grip
kindness sighing through your lips

would any single soul
ask if this were fair or right
our reaching without thinking?

hey, hey my body pleads
for my mind to call your way
i am always falling falling falling

i breath near you
as close as possible
to taste your soul again

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