Thursday, June 28, 2012

acrylic (heartless)

acrylic (heartless)

the acrylic heart they made
to bury in his hollowed chest

had small motors that sounded
like shaking tiny paint cans

and on the day they removed
his failed and shattered organ

while he lay briefly heartless and dead
attached to a machine pumping blood

if his mind could have reasoned
for those surreal moments between

he may have smiled at the irony
of his being heartless and dead

since this is what people had thought
him to be every single day of his life

but it was the other side of this operation
when the doctors circled around to ask

just days after the insertion and restart
as he rose to walk with a mechanical heart

“Do you still love them, deeply, deeply?”
he paused against the clicking in his chest

and knew he could have told them all along
“They were always in my bones, my bones”

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