Monday, May 13, 2013

lamb of my heart, you (on being sheepless)

lamb of my heart, you (on being sheepless)

“One morning I awoke and the sheep was gone. It was then I understood what it meant to be ‘sheepless.’ Sheer hell. The sheep goes away leaving only an idea.” The Sheep Professor, A Wild Sheep ChaseHaruki Murakami

lamb of my heart, you
you wrapped in laurel
you secreted behind barn doors

this lingering always, you
you whispering in my dreams
you laid healing hands on me

lamb of my heart, you
you i buy a hardback book
you in absence i build this library

my wild sheep chase, you
you only you on the mountain
you a star like a birthmark in the sky

lamb of my heart, you
you entered me long ago
you gone remain in me always


lamb of my heart, you

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