Sunday, July 24, 2011

“but” means you don’t (sport fishing)

but” means you don’t (sport fishing)

There's no one above me to stain my fierce hands.
No you don’t love me, don't say that you do because you can't.

i love you but. . .” means
you do not love me
as i loved you and love you

i never knew that you
were into sport fishing
casting a line and hooking me
only to release me once reeled in

but my love is not rust
easily polished back to steel
shiny as if the water had never
turned the silver to amber brown

the hook is deep and i am a fool
no one can erase you buried in me
and i am not easily cast aside
as if nothing happened or mattered

i love you but. . .” digs
deeper than any hook
and tugs at the edges of me


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